WS 2017/18

Grammars for Trees and Graphs


Grammars for Trees and Graphs

Winter Semester 2017/18
Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller
Dr. Meaghan Fowlie

Block seminar, BSc and MSc

Place and Time TBD – likely the first week of the semester break

Tentative organisational meeting time Thursday, January 4 2018, 2pm in C7.2 rm 2.11

If you would like to participate please write to Meaghan at mfowlie (at) coli.

This block seminar will provide an overview of a variety of tree and graph grammars. Traditional formal grammars generate languages of strings; we will consider grammars and automata that generate languages whose elements are more complex objects, in particular trees or graphs.

The seminar is organized as a block seminar, which means that all talks will take place within one week, probably in the first or second week of the semester break (February 2018). We will meet once in early January to distribute the talks. Grades will depend on your talk, your seminar paper, and your participation in the discussions in class.

The seminar is open to BSc and MSc students. It presupposes a solid knowledge of automata classes and grammar formalisms for string languages, on the level that you might have after successfully completing the course Mathematische Grundlagen der Computerlinguistik II. Familiarity with advanced grammar formalisms, e.g. from the Grammatikformalismen class, will be helpful.

Here is the literature list