SS 2017

Research Seminar CL


Research Seminar in Computational Linguistics

Summer Semester 2017
Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller
Wed 15-17; Meeting Room 2.11

Start: Wednesday, April 19

This is the weekly meeting of Prof. Koller’s research group. It is open to interested MSc students. The purpose of this meeting is to read and discuss current papers in computational linguistics. Recently, our focus has been on computational semantics and statistical methods, particularly neural networks, but this may change with the participants’ interests.

In this semester, we will try out the format of Jason Eisner’s reading group at JHU. Each participant will be responsible for three successive meetings, in that they will pick the papers that will be discussed at these meetings. Everybody will read these papers and provide questions in a Google document, and then the managing participant will lead the discussions.

The seminar will be a great way to be exposed to the current literature. However, it will also be very challenging, in that we will assume that everyone who comes to the lab meetings has read the assigned literature, so you may need to read up on some background by yourself. To get credit for the class, you will need to lead the group on three successive meetings (see above) and otherwise participate actively. In the end, you will write a seminar paper summarizing and working out some topics that we covered in the discussions.

Important: If you would like to participate, please get in touch with me by email before the first meeting.